Podcast Host/Author

Jade Salazar has been part of the D.C. community for over a decade. She is especially excited to be on Tagg Nation because she loves the podcast as a medium and likes to keep her pulse on the podcasting community. Among the group she insists, “I’m the normal one. I am not from a promotional background like Katy Ray or a comedian like Chelsea. I’m not used to performing.” Already, she’s found herself to be the mediator between her two outspoken co-hosts and is happy to bring the everyday queer experience and the “middle” voice of the community.

Her passion on the show is the segment “Queer History with Jade.” She’s always loved history but really got into it after listening to the podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class.” She feels it is important to discuss queer history because it explains issues, baggage, and triumphs that make our community what it is today. The more we understand about where we come from, the more we can avoid mistakes and work on moving forward as a cohesive community.

She is also a dedicated advocate for LGBTQ and women’s rights and believes this podcast is important beca use there is not enough media by and for queer women. She says, “We are all hungry for media that really speaks to our experience.” She hopes when people sign on they learn something, enjoy themselves, and connect to this community, especially if they’re l iving in a place where it is not easy to do so. Jade feels honored to be part of this dynamic group of women that delves into important issues and has a lot of fun w