Eve Howe

Episode 103 – The Gag: A Trans Queer Woman Shares Her Experience

Eve Howe came out as a transgender woman in July 2017, and identifies as a lesbian. Since then, she has attended over 100 queer women’s social events around Washington, D.C. in order to make friends, and to learn more about the community that she is now a part of. A former Naval officer and nuclear engineer, she has worked as the Event Manager at Casa Ruby since August 2017, and will be attending Harvard Law School this fall. There, she plans to continue to make her footprint on the queer woman scene, and to help host events for queer women at Harvard University.

Eve shares her experience coming out as trans, navigating the LGBTQ scene, and identifying as a trans lesbian woman.

**Note: It should be noted Eve does not represent the entire trans community. This episode is about her journey and experience.


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