Episode 104 – Gayborhood: Washington, DC Pt. I

It’s queer history with Jade and oh boy do we have a lot of LGBTQ history for you.

In this episode, we dive into DC queer history before the 1980s. We start things off way back with Alexander Hamilton and John Lawrence. And, though the LGBTQ community were fighting for equality in the 50s and 60s, there was still racial segregation within the community.

We discuss JoAnna’s, which opened at 430 8th St. SE in 1968, the first social option and bar for women in Washington, DC. Also, on 8th Street SE was the longest running lesbian bar in the country called Phase One.

We learn many of the spaces and organizations founded before 1980s can still be found today. Tune in to find out more, and check back in for DC Part II of our DC Gayborhood series.

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