Two MOC Women of Color

BONUS EPISODE: Redefining Soft MOC Women, Trans, and Gender Non-Conforming Conference

Tagg’s Vickey Casey attended the REDEFINING SOFT conference in November. REDEFINING SOFT was a 2-day healing event for masculine of center lesbian women and trans identifying men.

This event was intended to deconstruct how we show up in partnerships, discuss the importance of emotionally supporting MOC partners. The objective of the event was to challenge the community’s perception of the word “soft” and how it is used to harm and attack MOC women and trans men, basically denying their right to emotional expression or vulnerability if it somehow deviates from the expectation.

This word “soft” which we have come to use as a negative word, is the lens through which masculinity is perceived and force fed to our community and it manifests in the way MOC and trans men are handled by their partners. I believe that through community, we can better understand and heal each other.

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