Woman winking and saying Thank you darling

We Appreciate All Of You

By Michelle Dowell-Vest

It’s been one year since I started producing the Tagg Nation Podcast. I don’t say much, although I will chime in once in awhile or do the occasional interview.  My joy is watching the hosts of Tagg Nation Chelsea, Jade and Ashley bring topics to life with their unique brand of examination.

Prior to joining Tagg Nation, I co-managed an LGBTQ podcasting network with a good friend of mine and watched that grow from a once a month, hour long show to an entire network of LGBTQ hosts speak on topics of inclusion, empowerment, news and community to over a million collective listeners around the world. The growth of that network told us what we already knew; that there was was a significant need for space for marginalized voices.

Here on Tagg Nation, we want you to know that we hear you. We have been listening to all of you out in the community who have shared feedback, the good and the hard to hear. We have made some changes lately with show structure, shifted topics and even added a new voice to the line up.  Great podcasts learn to balance consistency, while remaining inviting and interesting to its listeners. We are on our way to being a great podcast. Perhaps even one that can garner a 5 star review from our Executive Producer. (Click Here to listen to episode 31 to understand the history behind our less than perfect review from Eboné Bell)

This year our country has seen a lot of changes, some good and some not so good. We have tried to share all of those moments with you. We do our best to balance politics, queer culture, current events and history in a way that serves all of you. We know this year has had a heavy leaning in politics, but as the country and news goes, so goes Tagg Nation. Our commitment to bring you the world through a Queer lense is strong.

So, I wanted to personally say thank you for hanging around, for your reviews, your feedback, for calling us out when we needed it and for your loyalty.  It means the world to us. As we close out 2016 and welcome 2017, I want to invite you to come back to us each week as we work hard to be a voice of and for all of you. We are a community who in the next few years will no doubtedly have some challenges as the new administration takes a hold what we have all worked so hard for.

In the next year, please commit to supporting queer media through your listenership, reviews, comments, and ratings. Our spaces are disappearing and there are folks who only have queer media as their connection to our community. Your commitment to us and to keeping Queer media available is vital. As a podcast we survive because you listen, give us feedback and support us. As a community we survive because we support each other.

Happy New Year… We appreciate you!


Tagg Nation is a weekly podcast show for everyone lesbian, queer, and under the rainbow. Contact: info@taggnation.com.